Ready? Listen to 5 Words
Think about all the things around you and try to describe them with these five rad words.

Cool Stuff

All of our content is fully free. Nevertheless, you can buy some rad things from our outlets. Our project of Etsy is SanatiFactory

  • Our History

    This page is a great Thank You page for all the people who helped with this project. My special thanks are to my brother Andriy Radich, to Alexey Lagoutenko, to Kateryna Romanenko, to Nickolay Tupikov, to Igor Tkachuk.

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  • How VocWord Works

    You get surrounded by a set of well-selected cool words for a predefined period of time. You get 105 new words every three weeks. Day by day all of them are deeper and deeper into your brain, so you can use them easily in everyday situations.

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  • Longer Audio Files

    You can get a full-time audio files that contain all the 105 words of each chapter. These files are about 20-25 minutes long. Listen to them while you drive to your work to implant all the words firmly into your active vocabulary.

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  • Talking Notepads


    I developed a unique method of language learning. One of the noticeable parts of it is the Talking Notepad where you get to know words by using a paper notepad where every day you get new intriguing content with pictograms and QR codes leading to audio files.

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Meet Mr. Radich

Here he is, Mr. Alex Radich.

He is the founder of the VocWord project.

At the various stages of work, many people helped with it. There will be more about that in the About section.


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