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An abnormal or a morbid fear of high places is called acrophobia.

This kind of phobia is quite popular as many of us do not feel comfortable looking down from a high place, some people cringe getting off the ground on a plane or standing on the edge of a rock or in observation point somewhere in the heights.

Acrophobia Word Illustration
Acrophobia Word Illustration

Acrophobia affects 3 to 5 percent of population and is included in the top 10 fears of humanity. It is interesting to know that people with this phobia cannot estimate real height of a building. A recent test showed that they overestimate building height 3 meters in average while staying on the ground, and more than 12 meters while on top of it. Thus, their fear exaggerates their perception of height, especially when emotions add up on higher floors.

The acro- prefix of Greek origin denotes something related to top, tip, summit, apex or higher point of something. Thus acrophobia relates a fear of standing on top of a building.


A member of a middle class in society is called a bourgeois, thus this word is often used as a noun. It can also mean anyone with an attitude or behavior of a middle class member, or this word can mean a middle class of capitalists or shopkeepers as a whole.

Bourgeois Word Illustration
Bourgeois Word Illustration

Thus, as an adjective, bourgeois means belonging to a middle class, thus conservative, conventional or materialistic.

Old French burgeis meant citizen of a town.

Thus, bourgeois may be used in a neutral or a negative sense as pertaining to one’s ways of a common man, of a person driven by his private capitalistic instincts. Ideas can be bourgeois, society can be bourgeois, or one’s character as you may imagine.


This word inspires one meaning for everybody who speaks Russian (and probably other languages). “Debil” equals idiot in Russian language.

Debility Word Illustration
Debility Word Illustration

Yet English noun debility means weakness of body or soul, a state of being feeble or lacking strength. Debility is general weakness, and imbecility means mental weakness. Infirmity can mean both.

Latin debilis means weak.

What can lead to a debility? Different kinds of diseases? Surely. Voluntary starvation? No doubt. Laziness? I think so.


If anything deals with letter or correspondence or writing of letters, composed of letters or carried by letters, this is called epistolary. This adjective is often associated with different nouns in phrases such as “epistolary form”, “epistolary style”, “epistolary communications”, “epistolary relationships”, “epistolary friendship”, you got the idea.

Epistolary Word Illustration
Epistolary Word Illustration


If any interruption occurs in one’s speech, or in some event or action, some gap in time or space, it is called a hiatus. If no continuity is provided, a fault in demonstration of logic happens, thus some pause or break appears, it is a hiatus.

Hiatus Word Illustration
Hiatus Word Illustration

It is also often a vacation, a break from one’s daily routine. Thus, we can take a hiatus to spend a few weeks at the sea.

Comes from Latin hiare, to gape (past participle).

What kinds of hiatuses happen? Hiatus of thought, temporary hiatus from the work, extended hiatus from the big screen.


If somebody is lacking strength, energy or enthusiasm, if he is very weak and relaxed, sluggish, he can be called languid.

Languid Word Illustration
Languid Word Illustration

Something that is very slow lacking animation, unenergetic, listless can be languid.


He lived his life with a languid pace.

The rain was not a heavy one, but rather languid, it is great to sleep with the sound of this rain.

This area had a languid atmosphere.

She was fatigued and languid after a whole morning on the beach.


If something is indistinct, dim or dark, deficient in light or hidden from view in this way, it is obscured (from view).

Obscured Word Illustration
Obscured Word Illustration

If an idea is obscured, it is not clearly defined, may be difficult, enigmatic, mysterious.

If somebody is deprived of his glory or fame, this unlucky situation can also be described with the word obscured.


The jury consciously obscured clear facts to justify their decision.

A beautiful view of the harbor was partially obscured by tall trees.

Medieval ideology is now obscured by mists of time.


If one is confident in himself, if he is assured of his position, in full control of his facilities and emotions, he is poised.

Poised Word Illustration
Poised Word Illustration

One who is balanced and ready for a feat as an athlete ready for a jump in Olympic games in London 2012, he is poised, too.

The root is Middle English poisen, to balance, to weigh.


During a written exam, we were poised with our pens ready to write the teacher’s directives.

A leaf was poised on a knife’s edge.

His car was precariously poised on the brink of a stone after an accident, with a risk of falling down.


If an appearance of something is very brilliant and splendid, shining with brilliant luster, issuing rays, if it is fashionable or superb in any way, it can be called resplendent.

Resplendent Word Illustration
Resplendent Word Illustration

Latin resplendere means to shine brightly.


The glory of Jesus will ever be resplendent in centuries to come.

The vessel was ornamented with jewels, thus it was so resplendent as to eclipse the lighting in the room.


This adjective describes something, for example food or probiotics that has a positive effect on your health, having healing powers.

Therapeutic Word Illustration
Therapeutic Word Illustration

This can be used in conjunction with anything connected with a science of therapeutics, medicine, pertaining to an art of discovering as well as applying remedies for different diseases.

Greek therapeutes means one who administers or treats medically.

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